Gavin Wright

Gavin Wright

My name is Gavin Wright. I have been involved in moving and handling since 1993 and formed a training company (TLC) in January 1997 along side my father (Bill) and sister (Dorothy) to meet the requirements of the UK moving and handling regulations.

In 1997, we became the first company to offer an accredited course for instructors in moving and handling using the Royal College of Nursing™’s continuing education points system. Then in 2000, moving on from the college and after a short spell with the Institute of Health Care Development (IHCD), TLC also became the first to offer a certificate level course in moving and handling people instruction, which was aimed specifically at the medical professions through OCR (Oxford & Cambridge assessment boards). Further recognition of our expertise in this field came when OCR granted us to be the first to offer a level 4 diploma in this subject matter.

In 2008, I was also given the privilege of being one of only two private training organisations to be listed alongside the likes of Kings College London as offering best practice in the NHS 60th anniversary publication, published by St. James’ House.  

After an injury affected Dorothy's ability to work for a while and Bill retired at the same time, TLC was disbanded and so I diverted my attention into going alone.

After an injury affected Dorothy's ability to work for a while and Bill retired at the same time, TLC was disbanded and so I diverted my attention into going alone.

Since 2008 I have been developing a number of different avenues of work. I adopted the slogan “Uniting the world of safe patient handling” and through the somewhat irregular issues of this newsletter have been drawing attention to what is happening in the wider world regarding the moving and handling of people. I have also been developing e-learning in safe patient handling to compliment classroom based practical training for universities, hospitals, nursing homes and private training companies. Patient assessments, accident investigation, freelance training, expert witness testimony and mystery shopping also form the services that I offer.

In 2001, I visited South Africa for an extended 13 month stay while I wrote a book about the handling of gunshot patients. My whole family fell in love with the place. In 2005 I became acquainted with Mr Victor Makgwana, a South African healthcare professional living and working in London. Victor introduced me to some key people in the South African Ministry of Health and so in December 2009 I accepted the role of National Moving & Handling Coordinator for the South African Moving & Handling Project.

In 2010, 2011 and again in 2013, I was invited to deliver sessions at the National Back Exchange Conference in Hinckley.

April & September 2011 and May 2012 I spoke at at Naidex National and Naidex (Scotland) conferences on the subjects of bariatric management and developing a training programme.

In 2013, while hired by Nordic Care Services, I wrote and organised a series of conferences on Bariatric management, aimed at bringing the cost of quality networking down to an affordable price.

2017 saw me do the first ETAC / Norway trip. This CPD day involved organising a delegation of Moving & Handling professionals from NHS and the private sectors, to see how ETAC have developed their approach to the ever increasing demand for reduced care packages. I hold a Moving and Handling Instructors Diploma, an Emergency Medical Technician qualification, PTTLLS, D32/D33 assessors certificates and as one who has worked in emergency care in both the UK and South Africa, a wealth of experience in moving people about.

I am also a mental health first aid instructor and hold a heavy goods vehicle licence.